About NIMT - National Institute of Master Tailor.

NIMT - National Institute of Master Tailor is a place where we provide a unique course to develop a Boutique. It is founded in 2018 in Hyderabad, India. It is established with a motive to train people who are passionate about tailoring into a Professional Master Tailor (Pattern Maker) and also to make every Tailor into a Professional Master Tailor (Pattern Maker).

About Founder.

Hi, I'm Master KV, I'm more passionate about Fashion Designing and Pattern Making because I'm from tailors family by birth.

I started my career as a tailor in my Father's business after that I shifted to Hyderabad and joined as a Costumer in Telugu Film Industry (TFI). Cinema Industry had helped me to learn new techniques and also to make new experiments.

I worked in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi language Movies, TV shows, Ad films, and Fashion shows. While working in the cinema industry, I got promoted as a Chief Costumer and then into Costume Designer.

I referred a few books from Helen Joseph Armstrong and M. M. Shoben and added my personal experience and then finally designed a new course relating to Indian Boutique Business.

I believe everyone can excel in their profession by learning strong basics. So, my dream is to give Pattern Making training along with strong basics through NIMT.

Master KV
Founder of NIMT

Who is a Pattern Maker (Master Tailor)?

A Pattern Maker (Master Tailor) takes measurements of a person, accordingly cuts a piece of fabric, get it stitched carefully, and finally takes care of the best fitting given to the body.

Course Overview

Our Professional Master Tailor (Pattern Making) course is uniquely designed to perfectly manage a Boutique Business.

This course also teaches about:

  • How to start a boutique business?
  • How to maintain the business perfectly without any losses?
  • How to increase production value?
  • How to buy and maintain the fabric?
  • How to maintain customer relationships and time management?

Fashion Designing

Fashion Designing is an art that adds beauty to a person by designing clothes and accessories such as jewelry, according to the person's culture, tastes, and necessities.

'Pattern Making' is a part of Fashion Designing.

Difference between Designer and Pattern Maker (Master Tailor)

Designer is an artist who can imagine what clothes they can decorate according to the need of a person.

Pattern Maker (Master Tailor) is an artist who gives perfect fitting to the person's body according to the designer's imagination. This is completely a Technical work.

How Pattern Making (Master Tailor) course helps a designer?

A designer can improve his creativity skills by learning Pattern Making. In addition to good design, good fitting can also be imagined. Dart Manipulations help a designer to create more unique designs.

In the initial stages of your business, you can act as a Pattern Maker (Master Tailor) and a Designer to optimize the budget.


Roti, Kapada aur Makaan (Food, Clothing, and Shelter), without them we cannot survive. So, this is a never-ending career. Youth can also choose this as their career opportunity.

  • You can start a Boutique Business on your own.
  • You can start working from your home without depending on anyone.
  • You can start your career by working as a Pattern Maker (Master Tailor) in a Boutique.