Online Bodice Block Course English

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What do we teach in this Course?

Online Bodice Block Course English includes:

  • Taking measurements according to the bodice.
  • According to the Boutique Business, we teach you how to draft on a piece of fabric with seam allowance.
  • For every design, we first teach how to draft on paper and then on fabric.
  • Cut any design in all sizes.
  • Shoulder drop controlling points.
  • How to draft armhole according to all sizes.
  • How to use tools properly?.
  • Neck drop controllings.

Demo Classes

Lesson 1.4 - Tape (H)

Lesson 2.3 - Shapes of Bodice (H)

Lesson 4.3 - How to Draft a Collar Neck Back? (H)

Lesson 1.4 - Tape (T)

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