Online Master Tailor Course

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Online Master Tailor Course

A Unique Course to Develop your Boutique.

Master KV


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About this course

Online Master Tailor Course includes Blouse Master, Dress Master, and Western Master Courses.

What do we teach in this Course?

  • Taking measurements according to the bodice.
  • According to the Boutique Business, we teach you how to draft on a fabric with seam allowance.
  • For every design, we first teach how to draft on a paper and then on a fabric.
  • Cut any design in all sizes.
  • Shoulder drop controlling points.
  • How to draft armhole according to all sizes.
  • How to use tools properly?.
  • Neck drop controllings.
  • How to draft from Top to Bottom and Bottom and Top.


Duration 5 Months
Languages Hindi and Telugu

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    Blouses Stitched By Our Online Course Students.

    Demo Classes

    Lesson 1.4 - Tape (H)

    Lesson 2.3 - Shapes of Bodice (H)

    Lesson 4.3 - How to Draft a Collar Neck Back? (H)

    Lesson 1.4 - Tape (T)


    7 Types of Blouse Drafting

    • Single Dart
    • Princesses Cut
    • Double Dart
    • Three Dart
    • Four Dart
    • Single Katori
    • Double Katori

    Neck Designs

    • Collar Neck
    • Jewel Neck
    • Scooped Neck
    • Boat Neck
    • Drop Shapes and Keyholes
    • Slot Neck
    • Peter Pan
    • Back High Front Deep
    • ā€˜Uā€™ Neck
    • Square Neck
    • ā€˜Vā€™ Neck
    • Queen Anne
    • Sweetheart Neck
    • Stand Neck
    • Half Collar
    • Pot Neck
    • Halter Neck
    • Off Shoulder
    • Scallop Neck
    • Illusions

    Blouse Length Variation

    • Regular Length
    • Mid Waist
    • Waist Length
    • Hip Length
    • Under Bust Length (Western)


    • Front Open
    • Back Open
    • Side Open
    • Double Open
    • Without Open (Dress/Kurthi)

    Front Neck Deeps

    • Collar
    • Very High Neck
    • Mid Length
    • Regular
    • Sweet Point
    • Under Bust – Plunging (Western)

    Back Neck Deeps

    • ā€˜0ā€™ Deeps/Zero Deeps
    • One Fourth Deeps
    • Half Length Deeps
    • Three Fourth Deeps
    • Full Deeps
    • Waist Length Deep (Western)


    Sleeve Lengths

    • Cap
    • Short
    • Mid
    • Elbow
    • Three Fourth
    • Full

    Sleeves - Blouse & Dress/Kurthi

    • Plain
    • Cap
    • Petal
    • Cold
    • Puff
    • Bell
    • Fitted
    • Two Piece

    Sleeves - Western

    • Raglan
    • Angle
    • Bishop
    • Juliet
    • Cuff
    • Leg of Mutton
    • Dolman
    • Rolled


    Dress Lengths

    • Micro
    • Mini
    • Short
    • Knee Length
    • Above Calf
    • Mid Calf
    • Midi
    • Ankle
    • Full Length (Maxi)
    • Floor Length

    Dress Designs

    • Straight Cut
    • A-line
    • Sleeveless
    • With Yoke
    • Single Dart
    • Double Dart
    • Princess Cut
    • Anarkali
    • Panels
    • Circular
    • Knife Plates
    • Box Plates


    Bottoms - Dress/Kurthi

    • Chudi
    • Salwar
    • Semi Patiyala
    • Patiyala
    • Dothis
    • Lehanga
    • Petticoat
    • Circular
    • Panels
    • Two Piece

    Bottoms - Western

    • Pants
    • Pencil Cut
    • Ankle Length
    • Bell Bottom
    • Palazzo
    • Balloon
    • Skirt
    • Panels


    • Dart Manipulation
    • Shoulder Princess
    • Shirts
    • Tunics
    • Cowl
    • Spaghetti
    • Crop Top
    • Off Shoulder
    • Asymmetric
    • Frocks
    • Long Frocks
    • Cape
    • Jump Suit

    What people say about NIMT.

    parvathidevi gadiraju
    parvathidevi gadiraju
    I am very faithfull for your efforts and hardwork KV sir. I gained full of knowledge in tailoring and confidence about botique business in the first step of success & perfection by the end of blouse master course. NIMT is not a tutorial it's more than that for coming tailors and designers. It's a world number one master tailor online course and classes clarification is very clear with out any interruption & doubts. Once again thankyou so much KV sir.
    Triveni kusumba
    Triveni kusumba
    I have been searching for a professional master course training in Hyderabad for a while and I found the right master KV Garu. He's the best teacher, one can really see his passion towards pattern making. I was a little doubtful when I signed up for online classes but online classes are nothing less than a classroom training. Thank you
    b anuradha
    b anuradha
    The master is highly talented and a great professional. If you have chosen tailoring as your profession NIMT is the right place for you. The master teaches the fundamentals and advanced topics very nicely. It would be nice if the duration of the course is enhanced so that we can learn many more things.
    Ramyakrishnas Arts and Crafts
    Ramyakrishnas Arts and Crafts
    Excellent teaching and superb explanation done by KV sir.. He explains every small point with very patience.. We are really lucky to learn from sir..
    adepu anusha
    adepu anusha
    NIMT is a very good institute for Pattern Drafting Course. I learnt alot from this Institute. I want to be perfect in pattern drafting so I joined in NIMT. KV sir is a experienced and knowledgeable person.
    anitha palla
    anitha palla
    NIMT is the perfect place to learn master tailoring. I learnt a lot of techniques during the course. Krishnavamshi Das sir has a very good experience in master tailoring where I came across plenty of new techniques. He is very cool with a lot of patience. After even jy course is completed , I am very free to ask him the doubt and get clarified. I thank him very much.
    Anannya Gavade
    Anannya Gavade
    I approached NIMT after wasting lot of time and money on pattern masters, pattern making books and YouTube videos. I was impressed with attention to detail shown in demo class. So took a big step of coming to Hyderabad for 3 months leaving back my family and boutique business in Mumbai. I was blown away by the fit of my first blouse under the guidance of KV Sir. His methods are Unique and Genius ( can claim so after my struggle of 4 years). The syllabus for the course Professional Master Tailor is systematically designed and includes all latest Indian and Westner designs. Inclusion of Body Shape Analysis is an added bonus. Sir is genuinely supportive towards all his students. Only Respect and Gratitude!
    preethi A
    preethi A
    Technics and teaching skills are awesome.. i am very interested to know more designs n Easily able to learn actually..
    Sachin ratnakar thombre
    Sachin ratnakar thombre
    aapka cutting Bahuthi bhadhiya he fiting achya aata he india's no 1 pattern meking he Nimt Blouse guru Master KV thanks
    svl origami craft
    svl origami craft
    Hi this is priyanka ,i am the student of NIMT, i would like to say few lines about NIMT it is very good platform for pattern makers i dont like to use tailor word because its gives more knowledge than that, accually i am running boutique i was getting problems frm my employees so i joined NIMT ,being a fashion designer student i joined NIMT after completing of my course in NIMT i became more confident in my proffession i couldn't find such confident after completing of my designing course also, KV sir explanation is verrry good nd politely ,after his class we won't get any doubts in our subject such kind of teaching teqnics he has just we need to fallow his formulas and one more good thing is that he shares us all his professional experience too,thats makes very easy to us simultaneously our effort nd our hard work should be there than only we will get good result ,i feel very happy to being a part of NIMT and i proud to say that i am the student of NIMT,THANKS NIMT and THANKS KV SIR

    What people say about NIMT.

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